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Locked out of the House, Changing Locks or Lost Keys

If you have locked yourself out of your house, new keys cutting, lost your front door keys, need help with your home secuirty, or a 24 hours emergency locksmith, locksmith should be your first port of call.

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Security for Business - Electrical Access Control, CCTV, Alarms etc ...

Security is extremely vital for all business. Keeping your business both secure and safe, a locksmith may be able to offer you Alarms, Electrical Access Control, Security Grilles/ Bars and CCTV.

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Auto Locksmith - Locked Out, Lost or Broken Car Keys?

Have you lost your vehicle keys, had your car keys stolen, or even broken your vehicle keys? locksmith will be able to assist you. We don’t just specialized in lost locks and keys for your house.

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Security Safe Services - Safe Opening, Repairing, Installing and Removal

If you need your Security Safe repairing, opening, removing or moving or even you need a new safe to be installed, then Safe Locksmith will be of great help.

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Digital Door Lock Singapore


The digital door lock Singapore market is swamped with options. Those interested in following the latest promotions by large companies or find high security solutions, they do have choices. Nowadays, you can protect the perimeter of your home or business as well as internal parts and valuables. There are durable and reliable digital door lock Singapore systems to meet all demands and be installed in each and every room. Digital locks do not only provide improved protection but they can also be installed to doors made of veneer, glass, vinyl or laminate. This is extremely important because you can secure all main doors, but also the laundry room or bedroom door and say good-bye to the old style slide locks.

Support your efforts with Singapore digital door locks

Decking & Carpet Grass, My Digital Lock Pte. Ltd. has the biggest gallery of products in Singapore. The customer clientele of Yale and Samsung digital door lock Singapore systems is huge. The truth is that both companies offer innovative locks for all doors and they are operated with RFID cards, keypads and fingerprints. They are managed via web apps using special JavaScript frameworks and/or smartphones and are often connected to the house's smart system. The fact is that home automation has already knocked on our door. Appliances and other home devices talk to each other and so why not our locks, too!

Main digital door lock Singapore Yale products

Last Oct. Yale announced its expansion to the smart home technology world with three new gadgets:

* The Linus locks, which will communicate directly with Nest gadgets through a wireless network. What is Nest? This is a home automation company, which manufactures thermostats and smoke detectors that are programmed to be remotely controlled by owners. The company was recently bought by Google and now the new Yale locks are also connected to the Nest system. In other words, you can log to your Nest account to set your CCTV system to record action when someone is trying to pick your locks.

* The Assure lock, which is Bluetooth enabled and so you don't have to tap the phone.

* The Look Door Viewer, which is a screen that will allow you to see a video of who is behind your door. In other words, the latest of intercom systems!

More options among Singapore digital door locks

Digital door locks Singapore Yale options extend to diplomat safes and retractable suitcase locks. Another innovative product on the market is the Laser digital door lock Singapore deadbolt. It looks just like a mobile phone and is installed on the door. The great thing about it is that you can tap random digits before you actually enter your personal code to confuse onlookers. Dessmann is one more digital lock manufacturer trusted by people in Singapore. You can find digital locks, which require fingerprint authentication or a personal password, but also include a hidden mechanical lock. The company also produces digital safe boxes, where you can hide valuables.

Check out the promotion of companies to find digital locks

The great thing is that the digital door lock Singapore systems are rated for their durability and high level of protection. They are cut and made to meet everyone's requirements and you can shop from online retail stores. From shower locks to wrought gate locks and smart digital systems, you can find what you are looking for. The good news is that shopping digital door lock Singapore products today is easy. The encouraging thing is that digital systems and the installation of a camera will make your home invisible and impenetrable to burglars. You can finally have a smart home or choose simpler solutions after good filtration of what's out there, the policy of each company, shipping estimation and in accordance to what you need. In either case, you can have good surveillance of your entire office or residence and that will give you peace of mind.

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