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Locked out of the House, Changing Locks or Lost Keys

If you have locked yourself out of your house, new keys cutting, lost your front door keys, need help with your home secuirty, or a 24 hours emergency locksmith, locksmith should be your first port of call.

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Security for Business - Electrical Access Control, CCTV, Alarms etc ...

Security is extremely vital for all business. Keeping your business both secure and safe, a locksmith may be able to offer you Alarms, Electrical Access Control, Security Grilles/ Bars and CCTV.

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Auto Locksmith - Locked Out, Lost or Broken Car Keys?

Have you lost your vehicle keys, had your car keys stolen, or even broken your vehicle keys? locksmith will be able to assist you. We don’t just specialized in lost locks and keys for your house.

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Security Safe Services - Safe Opening, Repairing, Installing and Removal

If you need your Security Safe repairing, opening, removing or moving or even you need a new safe to be installed, then Safe Locksmith will be of great help.

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Rekey Singapore


Increase security by rekeying your locks! It’s the most inexpensive solution so that you can avoid surprises and intrusions. The excellent news is that most locks, including master locks, can be rekeyed. Although the procedure is not entirely hassle-free and you will most likely need the service of a locksmith to help you out, some brands have found some easier ways for you to rekey Singapore locks with ease. What’s important is that you can upgrade security fast by having a rekeyed lock, which operates with an entirely new key.

What is rekeying?

The English dictionary defines the word rekeying as the act of changing the lock tumbler so that it will work with a different key. What actually changes are the pins of the tumbler. But let’s take things from the beginning. You can’t actually see it, but when you put the key in the lock, the serrated section matches the pins of the tumbler lock. Some are pushed downwards and some are pushed onwards so that the key can go through and turn the cylinder to lock and unlock the door. By replacing the pins, you will naturally need a different key to match the new pins; otherwise, the key won’t be inserted in the lock and the door won’t open.

Why is important to rekey Singapore locks?

There are several reasons why you should rekey Singapore locks of your home, office or car. When you move to a new house, office or apartment is the prime reason. The existing keys have been used by real estate agents, landlords, previous tenants or their friends and you don’t know whether some of them still have your keys or their intentions. Another reason for you to rekey Singapore locks is when the key is stolen, lost or unreturned. In this case, you don’t want to take risks. Someone could break-in by using your own key. Rekeying your locks and, thus, operating the door with a new key is an excellent idea even when you buy a brand new house or simply want to make home improvements and upgrades.

Select the best way to protect valuables

Security telephones (ste) should be rekeyed, too. Today, state of the art equipment which is used by several people in a business environment should be rekeyed, especially if one of the users is dismissed or his/her security clearance is not valid anymore. Now, new technologies allow people to work with ease, but enhanced protection is required. By rekeying locks of any property, you actually protect a book containing account or legal info of your clientele and add security to all valuables at your office. Feeling insecure is the sign of the new age and rekeying services help you deal with them.

Learn how to rekey Singapore locks

It’s not easy to rekey Singapore locks and that’s why it’s best to trust a pro. For most pin tumbler locks, the cylinder must be removed. The original key is used to remove the cylinder plug, but it requires attention so that the springs and pins won’t pop. The pins must be removed and the new ones must be placed in the right order so that they will match the colored code. If you log in, you will find quite a few dot com businesses selling rekey kits. Search and view your options online. You can also edit the step by step procedures although kits come with instructions. Each kit contains the necessary tools in order to rekey Singapore locks. You will be able to use the tool set in order to change the pins.

Nowadays, there are even easier solutions. Kwikset, which is one of the largest residential lock manufacturers, offers a smartkey which is used to rekey locks nice and easily. So, next time you hand keys to friends and never get them back, co-tenants move out, your key is lost or you cannot afford lock replacement, you can rekey Singapore locks and you will be fine.

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